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VizTracer: An Open Source visualization tool for Python code

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

Developers who use the Pyton programming language have an Open Source tool at their fingertips that helps them better understand how their projects work. VizTracer displays and tracks code execution without making any changes to the source code.

One of the strengths of VizTracer is its simplicity. It’s very user-friendly and has no dependencies. Once you use it to track a program, it generates an HTML report that can be opened in Chrome.


This tool logs any arbitrary variable such as function entries and exits. It then displays all the collected data using an intuitive front-end Google Trace-Viewer.

Among other things, it automatically records function arguments and return values and displays all information related to these items in detail. It also allows creating new signals and use them to register variables.

VizTracer includes advanced functionalities, such as filters to pinpoint features you don't want to track for a report focused on what really matters.

As it is Open Source, its code can be modified to create other functions. It is licensed under Apache 2.0 and is compatible with Linux, macOS and Windows.

Its source code is available at GitHub.

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