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Covid-19 related phishing campaigns increase 30%

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamCovid-19 related phishing campaigns increase 30% 2020-05-19 UDS Enterprise TeamCovid-19 related phishing campaigns increase 30%

The security firm Check Point warns of a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks that take advantage of the search for information about the Covid-19 to infect more and more users. During the last three weeks, there have been 30% more threats, specifically about 192,000 weekly. 17% of the newly registered domains related to Coronavirus are malicious or suspicious and new phishing campaigns have been discovered that impersonate the World Health Organization (WHO) and popular video conferencing platforms to steal sensitive information.

Phishing computer

Interpol and Europol have already informed on this increase in fraud. Google reported in mid-April that in a single week, over 18 million emails a day had been sent via Gmail containing Covid-19 related malware and phishing. Daily spam levels related to the issue reached 240 million.

Phishing campaigns are still effective for cybercriminals. Verizon's 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report concluded that 32% of corporate data breaches started with a phishing email. Furthermore, this practice was used in 78% of cyberespionage incidents. Despite being a tactic more than known, it still works. As a result, the theft of confidential information during the pandemic is at record highs. So it is advisable to suspect any email that seems to come from the WHO, Zoom, Microsoft, or Google, among others.

With the majority of employees working from home, organizations of all kinds are now more vulnerable to such attacks. For this reason, they must pay special attention to shielding their remote working systems, taking into account all the factors that may put the company's information and computer systems at risk.

Choosing a remote working solution that allows to implement tight security measures is essential. The IT department must be able to control and monitor all infrastructure, as well as communications. The UDS Enterprise VDI broker offers these and many other possibilities, that help you guarantee the security of corporate data. For more information see the Remote Working section on our website.



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