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Secure remote working with UDS VDI to deal with Covid-19

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamSecure remote working with UDS VDI to deal with Covid-19 2020-04-02 UDS Enterprise TeamSecure remote working with UDS VDI to deal with Covid-19

Following our habit of collecting the most read posts of each month, in this article we collect the Top 3 of March. The most visited publications have a common topic, which is now the quintessential current IT topic: remote work.

secure remote working with UDS Enterprise VDI

In the first position we find the article in which we detail the special promotion that we have launched to lend our support to all those companies and organizations that are in the mood of implementing a secure remote working system to be able to continue with its activity during the confinement decreed in countries around the world. We offer our UDS Enterprise VDI and vApp connection broker completely free of charge.

In second place is the post we published when the WHO and numerous Governments began to recommend to all companies to provide their employees the possibility of working remotely if their jobs allowed it. In it, we explain that desktop and application virtualization is the best technology for this purpose.

The third publications that has generated the most interest has been the one where we discussed the dangers of establishing a remote working system while neglecting security. Virtual Cable CEO, Félix Casado, tells how allowing employees to use their personal devices to access the company's systems can have very serious consequences if the appropriate technology is not chosen and ironclad security measures are not taken.

Here are the links to these three articles so that you can be up-to-date with the most outstanding IT news according to our community:

Telecommuting in a few hours with UDS Enterprise VDI

VDI to follow the recommendations to prevent Coronavirus

Telecommuting and IT security in the days of Covid-19

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