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CentOS 8 arrives with all the new features included in RHEL 8.1

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

The Red Hat community distribution based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) source code and designed for business use, CentOS 8.1, is now available for download. This new version incorporates all the news of RHEL 8.1 and some included in the previous release.


Among the new features and functionalities, the official support for live kernel patches stands out, thus being compared to other Linux distributions such as SUSE or Ubuntu.

In addition, it has new routing protocols for IPv4 and IPv6, improvements in security policies aimed at container management and in LUKS2 to encrypt blocks that are in use.

As usual, it adds a multitude of updates to the different software packages that make up CentOS, such as anaconda, dhcp, firefox, grub2, httpd, kernel, PackageKit and yum.

Full details on this new version can be found in the officiales release notes. If you want to try this distro, go to the official downloads page.

Source: Muy Linux.



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