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Apache Software Foundation migrates to GitHub

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamApache Software Foundation migrates to GitHub 2019-04-30 UDS Enterprise TeamApache Software Foundation migrates to GitHub

The largest Open Source foundation in the world, Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has announced that all its projects will be integrated into GitHub. In 2016, they began integrating GitHub’s repositories and tools with their own services. Once this integration has been consolidated, they decided to go a step further and move all their projects from Git to GitHub.


Thanks to this decision, users will be able to work in a simpler platform to host and review code, collaborate on projects and develop software along with the 31 million developers from around the world who are involved in GitHub.

Initially, the Apache projects had two version control services available through the ASF infrastructure: Apache Subversion and Git. ASF team explains in his blog that over the years they have been receiving more and more requests from their community to make the source code of their projects available on GitHub.

Until now ASF already published the code of many of its projects on GitHub, but these repositories were read-only mirrors, so the possibilities of collaboration for users were limited and they could not use all the tools in this portal.

This movement will benefit both organizations. The ASF repositories will obtain more visibility and GitHub consolidates its position as a reference service for Open Source software developers.

For more information, see ASF and GitHubofficial blogs.



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