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The most outstanding features of Linux 5.0

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamThe most outstanding features of Linux 5.0 2019-03-06 UDS Enterprise TeamThe most outstanding features of Linux 5.0

The first Linux release of 2019 is now available. As it was announced a few months ago by Linus Torvalds Linux 5.0 brings a striking change in numbering, but it is not more important than other releases. As usual, it adds a large number of technical improvements, including these five new features:


  • Compatibility with AMD Radeon FreeSync. This system notably improves the visualization of video games. Users with high-end laptops and monitors are going to enjoy more tan others this new feature. With this novelty, Linux continues to address one of the problems commented by the community: the adequate performance of dedicated graphics cards in Linux.

  • Support for touchscreens in Raspberry Pi. This new feature offers the possibility of building Linux tablets using a Raspberry Pi in a much easier way tan before.

  • Improvements in 32-bit OS. 32-bit Linux-based operating systems will work better when upgrading to Linux 5.0. As there are many distributions designed for x86 systems, this improvement is sure to be welcomed by the community.

  • Safer Thunderbolt ports. A security update has been implemented to fix the last critical vulnerability affecting these ports in macOS and Linux. If your computer has a port of this type, it is recommended to update to this latest version of Linux as soon as possible.

  • Improvement in energy management. In the announcement few details of this novelty are given, but everything suggests that it will positively affect the battery life of the devices running Linux 5.0.

To know the full list of new features added to the new version of the Linux kernel see the official announcement.

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