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Deploying serverless workloads on any cloud

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamDeploying serverless workloads on any cloud 2018-12-13 UDS Enterprise TeamDeploying serverless workloads on any cloud

GitLab announced during the event Kubecon + CloudNativeCon held this week in Seattle (USA) the launch of Serverless. It is a serverless computing technology that is served through their application to manage the full life cycle of DevOps.


In this execution model, the cloud provider acquires the role of the server, dynamically managing the allocation of resources of the machine. The client pays only for the actual resources consumed by an application.

This technology is combined with Knative, which enables automatic scaling and the possibility of back up to run serverless workloads in Kubernetes. Thus, companies can use a multi-cloud strategy and take advantage of serverless without being tied to a specific cloud provider.

Serverless will be available on December 22 on the GitLab 11.6 platform through a new tab in the "Operations" section. With this tool, companies can plan, create and manage workloads within the same GitLab user interface.

For more information, read the official announcement.



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