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Managing files on Chromebooks with UDS Enterprise

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamManaging files on Chromebooks with UDS Enterprise 2018-09-26 UDS Enterprise TeamManaging files on Chromebooks with UDS Enterprise

The VDI & vApp connection broker UDS Enterprise allows to access virtual desktops and applications from Chromebook devices through its HTML5 connector. This type of connection allows to perform a series of advanced tasks regarding file management:


Using the Chrome OS file browser you can access Google Drive. Once there, simply drag and drop any document, photo, video... on the virtual desktop to work on it. Once you have finished editing it, the file can be saved again in Google Drive performing the same action.

If you want to import any type of file that was previously saved in a USB to your virtual desktop, you can do it in the exactly same way.

You can also import or export any file compatible with the virtual applications available in UDS Enterprise. For example, if we have an application for spreadsheets, you can import or export an Excel either from Drive or from a USB, edit and save it.

In addition, both the files that are used on the desktops and in virtual applications can be printed in PDF format and exported to Chromebooks. Once there, we can copy them to Drive or USB devices.



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