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VDI & vApp on Chromebooks with UDS Enterprise

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

The UDS Enterprise connection broker brings the advantages of desktop and application virtualization to Chromebooks, low-cost computers that are currently booming in sectors such as education and public administration.

The UDS Enterprise team has performed the appropiate tests to verify the compatibility of the VDI & vApp connection broker with Chrome OS, the operating system developed by Google governing these devices.


Access to UDS Enterprise from Chromebooks is via HTML5 through Google Chrome browser, one of the Google services integrated into these devices. Once inside, users can access their Windows and Linux virtual desktops and their Windows virtual applications as usual.

Among the many advantages provided by UDS Enterprise compatibility with Chromebooks are:

  • Safe, fast and simple access to virtual desktops and applications

  • Import and export files to virtual desktops and applications from Google Drive

  • Copy and paste files to virtual desktops and applications from external USB drives

  • Printing documents from virtual desktops and applications in PDF format and copy them to Drive or USB drives

Chromebooks are computers running Chrome OS, an operating system developed by Google featuring cloud storage and doesn’t need installation. Access is performed with a Google account to use them and synchronize all the content stored in said Google Drive account.



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