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VDI grows thanks to its profitability and ease of use

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI grows thanks to its profitability and ease of use 2018-06-08 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI grows thanks to its profitability and ease of use

The use of desktop virtualization is spreading more and more thanks to the fact that these IT infrastructures are increasingly profitable and simpler to design, implement and maintain. This follows the annual survey conducted by VDI Like a PRO, in which 755 respondents participated. Of which, 82% say they are using VDI this year, compared to 77% last year.


This increase was predicted in the survey last year since many of the participants in 2017 explained that they were evaluating the use of VDI with Windows 10, in both on-premise and public cloud. In fact, this year, the use of Windows 10 has overtaken Windows 7 as the most used platform for VDI.

Other interesting information included in the report is that companies rely more and more on VDI thanks to their growing focus on security. One of the advantages that gains strength at this level is that desktop virtualization allows isolating users at the virtual machine level.

In addition to VDI, the survey analyzes trends in Server Based Computing (SBC). With respect to this technology, the use of SBC has grown slightly in 2018 and it is expected that in 2019 customers will increasingly use remote applications and public cloud services such as DaaS. The most important challenges when adopting these technologies are costs, legislation, and performance.

The objective of this study, which has been carried out since 2013, is to provide a complete annual vision of the end-user computing community to help companies make better decisions.

For more information, see the full survey.



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