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Red Hat acquires CoreOS

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamRed Hat acquires CoreOS 2018-01-31 UDS Enterprise TeamRed Hat acquires CoreOS

Red Hat has announced the signing of the definitive agreement to buy CoreOS for 250 million dollars. The acquisition of this technology strengthens Red Hat's commitment to the Kubernetes container orchestrator and will help streamline container construction, execution and administration tasks in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


CoreOS is the developer of CoreOS Tectonic, a Kubernetes Open Source platform for the enterprise that allows automating operations and facilitates the portability between public and private cloud providers. This company also has in its portfolio with CoreOS Quay, a register of containers and, also, collaborates in the promotion and development of Kubernetes, of the optimized distribution to run Linux Container, of the warehouse of distributed data for Kubernetes etcd and of the engine of application container rkt.

The addition of CoreOS solutions to its portfolio allows Red Hat to complement its container technologies offering, which includes Red Hat OpenShift, a specific distribution to implement and manage container-based software that supports Kubernetes, Docker and other tools for DevOps.

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