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A successful print security plan in 8 steps

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamA successful print security plan in 8 steps 2017-02-16 UDS Enterprise TeamA successful print security plan in 8 steps

Printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) are not immune to the security threat and are vulnerable to the same risks as any device on the network. As IoT devices they are susceptible to the growing threat of DDoS attacks – left unsecured they are an open door to the corporate network.


Quocirca’s latest report “Print security: An imperative in the IoT era” discusses the many points of vulnerabilities around print and recommends that the following measures are taken:

-Ensure print devices are part of an overall information security strategy.

-Adopt a security policy for the entire printer fleet.

-Secure the device: For instance, hard disk encryption adds an additional layer of security.

-Secure access: Implement user authentication to eliminate the risk of unclaimed output being left in printer trays.

-Secure the document: Digital rights management capabilities can further discourage unauthorised copying or transmission of sensitive or confidential information.

-Ongoing monitoring and management: To ensure compliance and to trace unauthorised access, organisations need a centralised and flexible way to monitor usage across all print devices.

-Seek expert guidance: Manufacturers and Managed Print Service (MPS) providers continue to develop and enhance their security products and services.

-Ultimately, print security demands a comprehensive approach that includes education, policy and technology.

Source: Computer Weekly.



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