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Top 5 Remote Desktop Access Alternatives

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamTop 5 Remote Desktop Access Alternatives 2017-02-02 UDS Enterprise TeamTop 5 Remote Desktop Access Alternatives

The function Remote Desktop or also known as VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a function that allows us to handle any device remotely, independently from who is handling it, be it the user or administrator.


In the world of GNU/Linux we can find many Remote Desktop amongst which we will indicate the 5 most popular and powerful ones.

Vinegar: It is a tool that integrates into distributions with Gnome desktop. Like Gedit, Vinegar occupies the functions of VNC inside the Gnome desktop although it can be changed or deleted.

TeamViewer: It's a private solution but it's also free. Its operation is so simple that it has excelled not only at the corporate level but also at the personal level as the best VNC tool.

RealVNC: It is a program with similar code to Vinegar. Both projects come from the same code, but RealVNC has versions for other platforms like MacOS or Windows and free hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi.

SSH: It is a program that uses the SSH protocol and allows to connect remotely to an operating system. Although in this case the connection is made through the terminal.

Chrome Remote Beta: This solution from Google allows us to use the Remote Desktop with a browser plugin. For its use and installation we only have to install the plugin in the Chrome browsers of both operating systems.

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