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Microsoft announces Azure Service Fabric for Linux

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

Microsoft has announced that the preview of Azure Service Fabric for Linux will be available on September 26, during the Microsoft Ignite Conference that will be held in Atlanta (EEUU). This announcement means that Service Fabric clusters in Azure can be provisioned using Linux as host operating system and deploy Java applications in Service Fabric clusters. Initially, Service Fabric for Linux will be available for Ubuntu and it will also support RHEL soon.


In the same way as in Windows, developers can build and test their Service Fabric applications in Linux on a one-box setup, so they won't need a cluster in Azure. Microsoft's intention is to enable developers choosing their favourite OS to build and run Service Fabric apps.

The company has also announced that they're planning to open source some parts of the platform, atarting with the programming models, so that developers can build their own programming models and add support for other languages.

Up to now, Service Fabric supported Windows servers and .NET applications, but as many enterprises nowadays use heterogeneous workloads with Windows and Linux servers, .Net and Java applications and SQL and NoSQL databases encouraged Microsoft to make it compatible with Linux.

Source: Microsoft Azure Official Blog



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