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UDS Enterprise components: UDS Actor

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise components: UDS Actor 2016-06-20 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise components: UDS Actor

Another UDS Enterprise key component is UDS Actor. It is the software responsible for the communication between the VDI connection broker and the different desktop services managed by UDS Enterprise: virtual and static desktops, applications...

This component configures virtual desktops according to the OS Manager set by the platform administrator, that contains some desktop features (operating system, persistent/non persistent, joined to domain...). In addition, it transmits data like the virtual desktop state, machine name, IP address, MAC, etc... so that the admin totally controls the virtual desktop at any time.


The UDS Actor provides greater security and enables to automate some tasks, improving platform efficiency and the admins productivity, who carry out their work easily and quickly. In this post you can go deeper into UDS Actor functionalities.

This software is installed as a service on the virtual machine used as a golden image to create groups of remote desktop services based on Linked Clones.



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