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UDS Enterprise components: UDS Database

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise components: UDS Database 2016-06-13 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise components: UDS Database

UDS Enterprise connection broker requires a database to store all UDS system data, both from system setup (service providers, authenticators, transports...) and registries (users accesses to services, use of service pools, log...). The system uses all these data stored in the DB to generate reports and statistics, which are really useful to analyze the platform use and hence optimize its performance.


The current UDS Enterprise version only supports MySQL database manager, from 5.5 version onwards and all its derivative (MariaDB, etc...). The platform administrator needs a MySQL database porperly configured with a valid instance and user to setup UDS Server (broker).

In the event that the admin doesn't have a database manager, VirtualCable provides UDS Database. In the same way as UDS Server and UDS Tunneler, this component is provided as a pre-configured virtual appliance, but as it is an external component, it is not included in UDS Enterprise support.

UDS Enterprise Free Edition y UDS Enterprise Evaluation Edition don't need an external database, both versions include SQLite by default.



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