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UDS Enterprise components: UDS Server

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise components: UDS Server 2016-06-06 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise components: UDS Server

The VDI connection broker UDS Enterprise is made up of 5 elements that interact with each other: UDS Server, UDS Tunneler, UDS Database, UDS Actor and UDS Plugin.

In this post we're going to describe UDS Server's features and functionalities, and in forthcoming articles we'll talk about the other ones.


UDS Server is the software that mediates between clients and service providers. It enables the connection between the different access terminals which may be employed by users: PCs, laptops, thin clients, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and the service providers configured by the platform administrators: virtual desktops, virtualized applications, static PCs, cloud services (OpenStack, OpenNebula...), e-Learning platforms...

It is the key of UDS, the connection broker itself, which enables the deployment of remote desktop services and manages their full lifecycle. Thanks to this software, the admin can allow or deny access to a user or group of users to the different remote desktop services in the most appropriate way (network, authenticator, connection protocol...)

This component is provided in virtual appliance format for each virtualization platform supported by UDS Enterprise (Citrix, KVM, Microsoft, Nutanix, VMware). It is developed in Linux (Debian) and it requires very few resources to be deployed (1 GB RAM and 5 GB disk).



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