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UDS Enterprise 1.9 supports SPICE connection protocol

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

We keep on providing information about the latest innovations incorporated to our multiplatform connection broker for Windows and Linux.

UDS Enterprise 1.9 features support for SPICE connection protocol. Thus, we increase the number of Open Source and licensed transports supported by our software. Together with SPICE, UDS Enterprise supports RDP, XRDP, RDP through HTML5, RGS and NX.


SPICE is a Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments powered by Red Hat which provides high graphic performance and it has great speed and management features for both audio and video.

As it is an Open Source component, we can use it together with other Open Source components, such as UDS Enterprise and oVirt to deploy fully Open Source virtual platforms.

For questions about SPICE or any other connection protocol supported by UDS Enterprise, ask a question at our Q&A section.

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