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UDS Enterprise 1.9 generates reports automatically

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team UDS Enterprise 1.9 generates reports automatically 2015-09-03 UDS Enterprise Team UDS Enterprise 1.9 generates reports automatically

Today we keep on talking about the innovations incorporated to UDS Enterprise 1.9.

Together with application virtualization, Windows 10 and VMware vSphere 6.0 support it features reports and statistics generated automatically.


This new version of our multiplatform connection broker for Windows and Linux features a new section in the administration dashboard inside "Tools": Reports.

In this part, we can see the list of statistics registered by the system: list of users in the platform, user access reports by date, Service Pools performance...

Inside each of these sections, platform administrators can select, depending on the section, data such as specific dates, number of sampling points, type of pool, internal or local authenticator... Just clicking on "Generate report" button, the system generates automatically a detailed report with the data requested by the administrator.

If you want to try this and the rest of UDS Enterprise new features, request access to UDS Enterprise 1.9 beta Online Demo



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