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Debian 8.1 officially released

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamDebian 8.1 officially released 2015-06-08 UDS Enterprise TeamDebian 8.1 officially released

Debian 8.1 is available for download. The developers have been working for 2 years to release this new version of the Open Source operating system.

This new edition, which is called Jessie arrives with a new default init system, systemd. The systemd suite provides many exciting features such as faster boot times, cgroups for services, and the possibility of isolating part of the services. The sysvinit init system is still available in Jessie.


The UEFI support (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) introduced in Wheezy has also been greatly improved in Jessie. This includes workarounds for many known firmware bugs, support for UEFI on 32-bit systems, and support for 64-bit kernels with 32-bit UEFI firmware (with the latter being included only on our amd64/i386 multi-arch installation media).

Since the previous release, members of the Debian project have also made important improvements to the supporting services. One of these is a browsable view of all source code shipped in Debian currently available at Of course, with over 20,000 source packages, it can be quite daunting to locate the right file. Therefore, they have also presented Debian Code Search, available at Both services are complemented by a completely rewritten and more responsive package tracking system.

You can download Debian 8.1 and see all info about this new version at Debian website



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