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Microsoft unveils new container technologies for Hyper-V

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamMicrosoft unveils new container technologies for Hyper-V 2015-04-15 UDS Enterprise TeamMicrosoft unveils new container technologies for Hyper-V

Microsoft is taking containerization one step further by expanding the scenarios and workloads developers can address with containers.

Microsoft will now offer containers with a new level of isolation previously reserved only for fully dedicated physical or virtual machines, while maintaining an agile and efficient experience with full Docker cross-platform integration.


Through this new first-of-its-kind offering, Hyper-V Containers will ensure code running in one container remains isolated and cannot impact the host operating system or other containers running on the same host.

While Hyper-V containers offer an additional deployment option between Windows Server Containers and the Hyper-V virtual machine, you will be able to deploy them using the same development, programming and management tools you would use for Windows Server Containers.

In addition, applications developed for Windows Server Containers can be deployed as a Hyper-V Container without modification, providing greater flexibility for operators who need to choose degrees of density, agility, and isolation in a multi-platform, multi-application environment.

For further information have a look at Microsoft Azure blog.



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