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After VDI there comes VMI, the virtual mobile infrastructure

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamAfter VDI there comes VMI, the virtual mobile infrastructure 2015-01-19 UDS Enterprise TeamAfter VDI there comes VMI, the virtual mobile infrastructure

Over the last few months, we have started to know more about a new technology called virtual mobile infrastructure or VMI. In general terms, VMI is for the mobile devices and applications the same as VDI for desktop applications.

A mobile virtual infrastructure allows you to access remote mobile applications from a mobile device. With this technology, when a user clicks an icon to use an application on a device, the app appears as usual, but rather than run locally on the client device, it runs in an Android virtual machine (VM) hosted in a remote data center.

For example, a company may develop a mobile version based on Android for a corporate application that would run in a virtual Android instance in the data center. Users could access that app from any device: Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone... The company would only have to develop and give support to an application on a single platform (Android in this case), while users could use any mobile device.

VMI has the same advantages of VDI: it is really useful for separating work and personal environments on one device. The corporate environment consists of a client application that connects to the remote application. If an employee leaves, the company only has to block access to the remote system and the information is no longer available to that user.

There are also advantages in terms of security, since neither the corporate applications nor the data reside on the client device. Thus, the problems that exist when a worker loses his device are removed. In addition, you can prevent in a much more simple way that users forward corporate emails and data to personal accounts, since everything is on a virtual machine within a controlled data center.

For the time being, the concept of VMI is quite new, but as the expert Brian Madden predicts in his article on this topic, in a few years VMI could form part of the enterprise mobility strategy of most companies.



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