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KVM hypervisor management tools: oVirt

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamKVM hypervisor management tools: oVirt 2014-12-05 UDS Enterprise TeamKVM hypervisor management tools: oVirt

KVM is a hypervisor included in the main Linux kernel. It is really good as hypervisor, but like all hypervisors, a set of tools is needed to manage it. In this post we talk about one of them, oVirt, thanks to this article written by

oVirt is a set of Open Source management tools that runs on different Linux distributions. It has interesting enterprise features, such as high availability, load balancing, and support for local and shared storage. In addition, the new oVirt 3.5 features include the merge of multiple snapshots and the introduction of Optaplanner, that allows to check if a virtual machine can be within a cluster when a user attempts to deploy it on a server that does not have enough resources.

In addition to oVirt, there are other KVM management tools such as Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and OpenStack. We'll talk about them in forthcoming articles.



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