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Bionico Hand, an Open Source and low cost prosthetics project

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Nicolas Huchet lost his right arm in 2002. This accident encouraged him to investigate about the creation of bionic prosthesis more sophisticated that the financed ones but also more affordable than the ones available in the market, which costs are more than 30.000€. Thus Bionico Hand was born, an association that works to promote the use of Open Source and 3D printing to develop more economic prosthesis.

The Open Source character of this project allows that any developer contributes to improve it from any part of the world. In this way, they want to end with health inequality and turn technology into a vehicle to improve the lives of disabled people no matter their economic status.

The next step is the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to get the money they need to invest in the prototype and release their low cost bionic prosthesis.

Learn more about Nicolas Huchet personal story and this project reading this interesting article:

A bionic, Open Source, prosthetic hand



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