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Analysis: the new VMware Hyper-Converged solutions

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamAnalysis: the new VMware Hyper-Converged solutions 2014-09-17 UDS Enterprise TeamAnalysis: the new VMware Hyper-Converged solutions

The UDS Enterprise team analyses in this post the new hyper-converged infrastructures that VMware presented at VMworld 2014, which took place at San Francisco:

With its EVO family, VMware makes a new incursion in the cloud with a solution that scales the resources available for a cloud infrastructure through modules which contain all the resources available (CPU, memory, storage, network…) integrating quickly and efficiently to the management and administration cloud tools, both public and private.

This solution is not really innovative, because other manufacturers have already been adopting this trend. But it is going to allow providing a huge amount of resources to active cloud platforms, and those resources will be available immediately.

The main fault of this solution lies in the fact that although it is quite effective for cloud operators, it is out of scope for most companies.

It would be positive that manufacturers like the one we are talking about, through different alliances, adopt lower profile solutions, so that a bigger range of companies have access to this technologies. In fact, it would be great that besides scaling resources, this kind of solutions can implement associated services which can be used by companies ( email solutions, business tools, etc.), because it would be an appropriate access for SMEs to private or public cloud solutions.



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