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UDS Enterprise allows customization in order to provide the tool with the corporate appearance requested by each client. You will be able to modify both the general appearance of the different administration pages and the web access dashboard, as well as the icons of the transport services that will be administered from the broker itself.

The customization process is very simple: you only have to modify or change the general “theme” of the app for the theme we would like to use in HTML format. You can also replace the transports icons for any png image. In order to do that, we may follow these instructions:

Changing application theme

The customization process of the different access web pages of an user is very simple. However, you should keep in mind the following issues:

-Changing “UDS Theme” in UDS Enterprise advanced configuration:

To indicate to the UDS system what “theme” has to use for the different pages, you should provide the right name of the folder which contains the HTML pages.

In the administration, select “Tools” and access “Configuration”. Once you access the system advanced configuration, look for “UDS Theme” and indicate the name of the folder containing the new HTML pages. By default, the system names this folder html5.

It is possible to edit directly the existing “html5” folder, but before making any modification, it is recommended to run a backup which allows restoring the original configuration in case you make any wrong task, losing therefore access to the system.

-HTML files location:

The system uses the following location for this folder by default: /var/server/uds/templates/uds In case you create a new folder, it must be placed in the same location where the folder is by default.

Inside the html5 folder you will find the .html pages where you can make modifications to personalize the user login pages, preferences, available services, downloads, warnings…

If you want to use new images, you must place them here: /var/server/static/img

-File modification:

All pages can be modified. For instance, if you want to modify the login screen of a user, you have to modify the file login.html. In case you want to modify the screen “assigned services to a user”, you have to modify the file index.html and you can do the same operation with the remaining pages.

It is important to keep in mind that if you have created a new folder and you have modified the “UDS Theme” in the advanced configuration, you must modify the “extends” route with the new name of the folder in all .html files.

Find out more customization possibilities here.

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