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Nowadays there are two different versions of UDS software:

OpenUDS. It is the Open Source version. It includes the following features:

  • Broker
  • Linux and Windows clients
  • Administration client
  • Tunneling protocols
  • Connectors for KVM hypervisors in general (oVirt) and physical machines
  • Connectors for RDP, NX, HTML5 RDP (no proxy) protocols
  • Connectors LDAP authenticators in general, internal BBDD, IP, Dual

UDS Enterprise Edition. Purchase any subscription, and you will obtain one UDS Enterprise Edition software bundle of the latest version in virtual appliance format. It includes the following modules and associated services:

Integrated modules:

  • Broker
  • Windows & Linux agents
  • Administration Client
  • WAN SSL Tunneler
  • Tunneling protocols
  • Connectors for KVM hypervisors, physical machines, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer
  • Connectors for RDP, RGS, NX, HTML5 protocols. It supports incorporation of licensed protocols
  • Connectors AD, SAML, e-Directory and LDAP authenticators, internal BBDD, IP, Dual

Associated services:

  • 8x5 email technical support
  • Connectors for new hypervisors
  • Connectors for new protocols
  • Connectors for new authenticators
  • Info on software updates, add-ons & upgrades availability
  • Updates, add-ons & upgrades packaging

Learn more about UDS Enterprise software versions here.

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