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UDS Enterprise counts the total number of users registered in the system, that means the number of users registered in the authenticator or authenticators they use.

Users can be local, LDAP (Active Directory, OpenLDap, e-Directory, SAML etc...) or IP... or the total sum of all of them.

Local User: Registered “users” in UDS internal database (they are stored in the internal MySQL).

LDAP User: Registered “users” in any external database connected to UDS that have accessed or access to UDS. User by IP authenticator: The system counts one “user” per IP address which connects to UDS in this way, within an assigned range.

UDS counts any of this types of connections per “user” (the standard way is one per natural person).

For purposes of number of “users” of the system, it is considered the total amount of users that are previously, automatically or manually registered in the authenticators which are integrated in UDS.

In this way, regardless the authentication method they use, the system always counts the number of real users who use the system, allowing to delete the “users” that are no longer used to deduct them from the total sum of subscribed users.

PS: Do not confuse UDS “user” with user (natural person).

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