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The user configuration will be carried out on the Active Directory group policy objects, which have a direct influence on the user profile at the moment when said template source or golden image is loaded.

All other proposed configurations and modifications will be made on the virtual machine image defined as the source template, which subsequently will be used as a foundation for performing the deployment of virtual desktops. These are modifications in the system registry and modifications of operating system services.

One must take into account that most modifications are recommended, and that it remains at the discretion of the system administrator whether or not to implement them, depending on the utility of the characteristic to be disabled.


Unlike machine configuration, user configuration cannot be applied to the base template on which the virtual desktops are going to be deployed. To make the changes in a centralized way, we recommend using the Group Policy Objects (GPO).


  • Group Policy Objects: We recommend applying the following GPO configurations to any virtual desktop platform.

  • Element: Screen saver

  • Route: Administrative Templates – Control Panel – Personalization

    * Activate screen saver: Enabled
    * Prevent changes in screen saver: Enabled
    * Password protected screen saver: Enabled
    * Screen saver activation time: 600 seconds
    * Force specific screen saver: scrnsave.scr
  • Explanation: Using complex screen savers consumes a large amount of resources. You can use the basic screen saver to ensure the virtual desktop without consuming resources.Learn more about other configurations here.

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