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UDS Enterprise on OVHcloud for free


Open Solidarity Contributor


Since the very beginning of the health crisis caused by Covid-19, Virtual Cable has offered its support to all organizations by providing an efficient and secure remote working solution for free

Following our philosophy of solidarity and collaboration, we have joined #Open_solidarity together with our trusted partner Lobo Brothers Technology

This initiative is an open, collective and global act of digital support, the aim of which is to provide technical solutions free of charge using OVHcloud infrastructures, global cloud provider

UDS Enterprise will be available for free and on a zero-commitment basis for the next three months

Any organization can enable a remote working system in a few hours providing access to cloud virtual desktops with UDS Enterprise and OVHcloud



To enjoy the benefits of #Open_solidarity you should be registered in our website​.

Once registered, you can request your UDS Enterprise free version on OVHcloud here.

If the link above doesn't work email us at with the subject "Open Solidarity" including the following data:

-First & last name*

-Job title*

-Company name and website*


-Business email registered at My UDS*


(*asterisk indicates required fields. All data will be verified before handling the request)


In order to answer your petition, the following text must be included in the email:

In accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) I accept that my data will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Virtual Cable S.L.U. I give my express consent to Virtual Cable S.L.U., as the owner of UDS Enterprise, to incorporate them into their database and to use them to contact me either by email or telephone to provide me with information and updates on UDS Enterprise, as well as other products and services.



Downloading UDS Enterprise you accept the following terms:

-Downloading this software version you get use rights on the downloaded version without support and without patches and updates

-Software and support subscription rights are unique per entity, in order to install UDS Enterprise software on different sites owned or hired by the same entity, you will need a valid serial number for each one of the sites

-Commercialization, support and third party redistribution are not allowed