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UDS Enterprise, Hyper-V, vSphere & Remote PC

The deployment of virtual desktops with UDS Enterprise & Microsoft Hyper-V, interesting tips to manage VMware vSphere and Remote PC project with UDS Enterprise introduced by the University of S...
READ MORE 2015-12-16 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise, Hyper-V, vSphere & Remote PC

How to manage vSphere efficiently

If you are an IT administrator and you manage VMware vSphere virtualization platform, have a look at these useful tips: -Don't use Raw Device Mappings (RDMs). Try VMware Virtual Volumes instead, wh...
READ MORE 2015-12-03 UDS Enterprise TeamHow to manage vSphere efficiently

UDS Enterprise features VMware vSphere 6.0 support

UDS Enterprise features full VMware vSphere 6.0 support. Our multiplatform connection broker for Windows and Linux was so far compatible with vSphere 5. Continuing our alignment with new solutions ...
READ MORE 2015-09-01 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise features VMware vSphere 6.0 support

How to tune EXSi for NFV workloads

The vSphere VMware ESXi hypervisor has been adjusted to provide high I/O throughput in an efficient way, using less CPU cycles and maintaining power, since it is required by so many workloads. Telc...
READ MORE 2015-07-07 UDS Enterprise TeamHow to tune EXSi for NFV workloads

UDS Enterprise & VMware vSphere integration

UDS Enterprise fully integrates with VMware vSphere 5 onwards. UDS Enterprise components are offered in Virtual Appliance format and they are hosted on the vSphere platform on which the virtual de...
READ MORE 2015-05-20 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise & VMware vSphere integration

OVirt, Open Source tools & vSphere

Open Source continues to be one of the most interesting topics according to our readers. In fact, during last two weeks, two of the most read articles in our blog talk about this topic. In particul...
READ MORE 2015-04-06 UDS Enterprise TeamOVirt, Open Source tools & vSphere

How to create a VDI infrastructure with VMware vSphere

Today we continue with our posts series about VDI deployments with the main hypervisors in the market. After dealing with Hyper-V and oVirt, today we talk about VMware vSphere. Our VDI connection ...
READ MORE 2015-03-27 UDS Enterprise TeamHow to create a VDI infrastructure with VMware vSphere