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VMware ESXi-Arm Fling

Deploy VDI on ESXi-Arm with UDS Enterprise

The software for desktop, application virtualization and remote access to physical devices UDS Enterprise supports ESXi-Arm Fling. The compatibility of this connection broker with the new hyperviso...
Arquitectura VDI con UDS Enterprise Universidad de Murcia

VDI with UDS in the webinar on hybrid classrooms by MetaRed

MetaRed, the collaborative project formed by ICT managers from Ibero-American Universities, held past Monday, October 5 a webinar where several educational centers revealed how they have equipped t...
Webinar Microsoft Azure y UDS Enterprise

Solve the challenges of hybrid Education with Azure and UDS

Schools, high-schools, universities, academies... the entire Education sector is immersed in a stage of innovation that necessarily implies adapting hybrid models, face-to-face and digital, which a...

Centralized IT, remote access and UDS Enterprise 3.0 RC

We start the month of October preparing the ranking of the most read articles on our blog during September. Amavir Case Study is the publication that has registered the greater amount of visits. Th...
Laptop displaying UDS Enterprise 3.0 login window

UDS Enterprise 3.0 Release Candidate available

UDS Enterprise 3.0 Release Candidate is now available exclusively for all our subscribers. The VDI broker team has made the new version of the software available to all its clients, so that they ar...
Virtualization network

The best virtualization and VDI posts of the summer

During this atypical summer our blog has received thousands of visits from people interested in finding out about news related to the virtualization sector in general, VDI in particular, interestin...
Student accessing UDS Enterprise with laptop

UC3M: VDI with UDS Enterprise to reduce face-to-face practices

The university centers are designing what the return to the classrooms will be like next September. It will undoubtedly be a different beginning of the academic year, marked by the demands of the “...
Virtual Desktop Infraestructure

The secure benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual desktop infrastructure aka VDI is a computer system technology for sharing the core OS platform and other computing resources with multiple users simultaneously through cloud computing mode...
UDS Enterprise logic diagram

Final degree project on VDI Open Source with UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise has always been closely linked to educational environments. So it is not surprising that many students choose this software as the cornerstone of their projects. This is the case of ...
Secreenshot showing Meta Pools in UDS Enterprise 3.0

Configuring Meta Pools in UDS Enterprise 3.0

Last week we revealed one of the most outstanding new features of UDS Enterprise 3.0 (currently in beta): the Meta Pools. In this article, we will go through the different configuration options tha...
Secreenshot showing Meta Pools in UDS Enterprise 3.0

New UDS Enterprise 3.0 functionality: Meta Pools

We continue showing new enhancements included in the new version of our connection broker for desktop, application virtualization, and remote access to computers. UDS Enterprise 3.0, currently in b...
diagram showing UDS Enterprise Advanced Dual Cache System

UDS Enterprise Advanced Dual Cache System

One of the differential features of UDS Enterprise is its Advanced Dual Cache System. This innovative system streamlines access, saves resources, and optimizes the operation of desktop virtualizati...
uds client screenshot

UDS Enterprise 3.0: Enhancements in UDS Client & UDS Actors

A few days ago we disclosed the improvements that UDS Enterprise 3.0 incorporates in the UDS Server and UDS Tunnel components. Today we deal with the enhancements introduced in two other elements o...
uds enterprise new configuration wizard

UDS Enterprise 3.0: new configuration wizard

One of the major changes introduced in the new version of UDS Enterprise is the way to configure its main components: UDS Server and UDS Tunnel. As of version 3.0 of our desktop and application vir...
UDS Enterprise login University Murcia

A sneak peek to UDS Enterprise graphical customizations

One of the best rated aspects of UDS Enterprise by community users is its Open Source core. This feature offers unlimited flexibility and opens up a wide range of possibilities to tailor this deskt...
UDS Enterprise Server

What's new in UDS Enterprise 3.0 components

We continue to reveal some innovations that the new version of UDS Enterprise incorporates, which, we remember, is currently in the beta phase. As usual, every time a new version of this broker for...

Useful tools and resources for Remote Working

The new way of working that came with the Coronavirus is still a current issue. The articles related to remote working in our blog have been the ones that have aroused the most interest among our f...
UDS Enterprise 3.0 login

UDS Enterprise 3.0: new Look & Feel

The UDS Enterprise connection broker has been completely revamped. The new version of this desktop and application virtualization software features a new Look & Feel. The Frontend has been comp...
screenshot uds enterprise service providers: proxmox

UDS Enterprise 3.0 supports Proxmox for Windows and Linux VDI

The next version of the UDS Enterprise VDI broker will include a new service provider highly demanded by the community. This is Proxmox Virtual Environment, a KVM-based Open Source virtualization p...
Woman working from home

All UIB staff is working from home with UDS Enterprise VDI

The Administration and Services staff of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) are using virtual desktops managed and deployed by UDS Enterprise to work from home during the health crisis due ...
MoodleMoot Global 2019 Barcelona

Video: UDS Enterprise Virtual PC Plugin in MoodleMoot Global

As we already mentioned in our blog, the University of Malaga (UMA) presented the UDS Enterprise Virtual PC Plugin in the latest edition of MoodleMoot Global. This development, carried out by the U...