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UDS Enterprise in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

Red Hat has launched a new portal to help customers identify those products whose compatibility With Red Hat solutions it is certified by this company. Our VDI & vApp connection broker UDS Ente...
READ MORE 2019-11-29 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

Nutanix Ready, KVM & RHEV

Nutanix Ready certification achieved by UDS Enterprise, the growing success of KVM Linux hypervisor and the integration of our multiplatform connection broker for Windows & Linux and Red Hat En...
READ MORE 2015-12-02 UDS Enterprise TeamNutanix Ready, KVM & RHEV

UDS Enterprise & RHEV integration

UDS Enterprise fully integrates with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3 onwards. In fact, we are Red Hat's Technology Partner. UDS Enterprise components are offered in Virtual Appliance format and...
READ MORE 2015-07-24 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise & RHEV integration