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Running Linux programs in macOS with Karton

Karton is an Open Source solution, based on Docker, designed to be able to launch programs created for different operating systems. Actually, it allows running Linux programs in macOS, in other Lin...
READ MORE 2018-03-14 UDS Enterprise TeamRunning Linux programs in macOS with Karton

Red Hat acquires CoreOS

Red Hat has announced the signing of the definitive agreement to buy CoreOS for 250 million dollars. The acquisition of this technology strengthens Red Hat's commitment to the Kubernetes container ...
READ MORE 2018-01-31 UDS Enterprise TeamRed Hat acquires CoreOS

When to use Containers as a Service

Often, many of the organizations that decide to start using container technologies doubt whether to opt for Containers as a Service (CaaS) or for an abstracted platform. The first thing you have to...
READ MORE 2017-12-04 UDS Enterprise TeamWhen to use Containers as a Service

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 released

Red Hat announced yesterday at OpenStack Summit Sydney 2017 Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12, the latest version of Red Hat’s cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Based on the OpenStack Pike rele...
READ MORE 2017-11-07 UDS Enterprise TeamRed Hat OpenStack Platform 12 released

Basic Commands for Docker Containers

We're finishing today the series of articles in which we have advanced a small part of the Containers for Developers and Quality Assurance training course from The Linux Foundation. In previous pos...
READ MORE 2017-06-29 UDS Enterprise TeamBasic Commands for Docker Containers

Docker Machine Fundamentals

Last week we started a series of articles on container technologies explaining how to build container blocks. Today we continue with Docker Machine Fundamentals.
READ MORE 2017-06-27 UDS Enterprise TeamDocker Machine Fundamentals

How to build container blocks

We begin today a series of interesting articles published in that advance certain contents of the new course of Linux Foundation on Containers Fundamentals . This course is aimed at peop...
READ MORE 2017-06-22 UDS Enterprise TeamHow to build container blocks