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European Commission promotes a Hackathon to improve Jitsi

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamEuropean Commission promotes a Hackathon to improve Jitsi 2021-04-09 UDS Enterprise TeamEuropean Commission promotes a Hackathon to improve Jitsi

Under the motto "Winning over the classroom with Jitsi", the European Commission invites all ethical hackers to participate in a Hackathon to improve the functionalities of this free and Open Source video conferencing tool. It is organized by an Open Source initiative funded by ISA2 together with Jitsi.

Hackathon: Winning over the classroom with Jitsi

This action is scheduled for the week of April 26 to May 3. Its goal is to improve the experience for students and teachers by conducting video conferences with Jitsi. Its use in educational organizations has increased significantly due to the pandemic.

Participants must solve the challenges imposed by the organization or propose and offer solutions to their own ones with this solution. From Jitsi they propose the creation of what they call Breakout rooms, the integration of PeerTube and other video platforms, the possibility of sending reactions with emoticons and file sharing.

It is possible to participate individually or as a team, with a maximum of five members. Any programming language can be used to develop the solution presented, although it is recommended to use Open Source libraries and free systems or services. Winners will receive cash prizes ranging from 5,000 to 500 euros.

This Hackathon joins the previous ones organized by the European Commission to help create innovative solutions with agility focused on perfecting Open Source tools. It is framed within the action Sharing and Re-use, whose purpose is to bring together European Public Services around Open Source issues.

For more information and registration, see the following website.



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