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Virtual Cable, the company developer of UDS Enterprise, turns 10

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVirtual Cable, the company developer of UDS Enterprise, turns 10 2021-04-08 UDS Enterprise TeamVirtual Cable, the company developer of UDS Enterprise, turns 10

A week like this, precisely a decade ago, four virtualization experts decided to take a brave step that would put Spain on the international map of desktop virtualization software development. Encouraged by their entrepreneurial spirit and after detecting that the existing VDI solutions at that time were much closed and that they were only available to organizations with large budgets, they decided to found Virtual Cable. The purpose was to build an alternative that would democratize the adoption of this technology.

Virtual Cable turns 10

Thus, the seed of UDS Enterprise was sown, a software born with features such as freedom of choice, possibility of sharing, and universal compatibility, embedded in its DNA. Intensive work carried out with the close collaboration of the IT team from several universities helped to finish laying the foundations of this software and to design a commercialization model that is cost-effective regardless of the number of users and that flees from costly license fees.

One year after the establishment of Virtual Cable, the launch of the first version of UDS Enterprise took place. This company began an exciting journey that positioned them as a benchmark in the world market for desktop virtualization. Their exceptional philosophy of basing their roadmap on requests from their partners, customers, and their entire user community has led them to develop a truly versatile software, compatible with virtually any third-party technology and fully customizable.

Currently, UDS Enterprise competes in the same league as the products of the large multinationals. It offers unique features that allow it to differentiate itself and be the solution of choice not only for VDI projects around the world, but also for virtualizing applications and remotely accessing physical and virtual machines. Every day millions of virtual machines are deployed, and thousands of users access the computers located in their offices using UDS Enterprise.

Virtual Cable is much more than a software manufacturer. A company made up of a highly qualified and committed human team in serving its clients professionally and efficiently. Its agile and personalized support service is one of the aspects most praised by its community. The proximity and accessibility of all the company's departments are others of its great values.

On our 10th anniversary, we want to thank everyone, companies, public and private organizations that trust our software. To our Gold Partners and Silver Partners, who strive to help entities of all types and sizes to solve their IT issues with our solution. And, of course, to the many users and organizations from the five continents who use our VDI broker. Without them, Virtual Cable would not be the company it is today. UDS Enterprise would not have been considered the perfect alternative for all those who wish to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.



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