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Open Source software inventory for European public services

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamOpen Source software inventory for European public services 2021-02-18 UDS Enterprise TeamOpen Source software inventory for European public services

In order to identify the Open Source tools most used by public organizations in Europe, the first inventory of Open Source software used in this type of institutions will be created. This initiative is part of the “Sharing and Reuse Action”, driven by the ISA2 programme of the European Commission. This programme supports the development of technological solutions so that European public administrations, companies and citizens benefit from interoperable, cross-border and transversal public services.

Open Source software inventory for European Public Services

The team in charge of this project has called for representatives of public organizations to share data about the Open Source programs they use. With their collaboration, they will be able to carry out an inventory as complete as possible. They explained that they would fully respect data protection policies and the European Data Protection Regulation (RGDP), so in no case will personal or confidential information be requested.

In addition to helping create the inventory and dissemination of its content, the organizations that are encouraged to participate will contribute to safeguarding and maintaining the most critical Open Souce tools.

First they have set the goal of involving a minimum of 30 organizations related to European public services. The project managers will help them extract the necessary data to collect and manage and analyze it. Sustainability and criticality criteria will be put into practice to guarantee the quality of the inventory, which will be published online.

All those interested in participating can send an email for further information to

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