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Does the tech you are giving away respect the freedom of your family?

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) invites us one more time to reflect before going to buy our Christmas presents. In a year like this, in which technology has gained even more prominence due to the pandemic, this organization recommends that before buying gifts for our family or friends, we stop to think if the device that we are going to give respects their freedom and privacy.

Free Software Foundation Ethical Tech Giving Guide 2020

The FSF recalls that the use of proprietary software developed by large technology companies gives them carte blanche not only to access our information, our personal data, but also to exploit them. To fight against these practices, they suggest opting for free software, and devices governed by these types of programs.

Their campaign message is certainly compelling: “Letting your loved ones know that you respect their privacy and freedom too much to cave in for the newest Apple or Google device is a great gift in itself, and one that you can feel good about.”

To help you choose between different devices, the FSF has published a new edition of its Ethical Tech Giving Guide. There they list computers, smartphones and other smart devices that should be avoided if you want to bet on the freedom of users, and they offer the best alternatives. There is also a list of online video, music and book services.

You can find more information about the advantages of using free software on the Free Software Foundation website



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