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The new UDS Enterprise 3.0 version is Nutanix Ready for VDI

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamThe new UDS Enterprise 3.0 version is Nutanix Ready for VDI 2020-12-14 UDS Enterprise TeamThe new UDS Enterprise 3.0 version is Nutanix Ready for VDI

UDS Enterprise 3.0 has already been certified Nutanix Ready AHV Integrated for Desktop Virtualization. This distinction verifies the full compatibility of the new version of the popular connection broker with the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor (AOS 5.15). Likewise, UDS Enterprise has also been validated for VDI deployments with VMware's ESXi hypervisor and AOS 5.15.

UDS Enterprise 3.0 Nutanix Ready

By granting this validation again, Nutanix confirms that UDS Enterprise continues to be a highly recommended and reliable solution for deploying virtual desktops and applications on AHV. To achieve Nutanix Ready status, a series of thorough compatibility tests designed by the hyper-convergence manufacturer have been conducted to certify the seamless interoperability of a joint VDI solution.

The UDS Enterprise and Nutanix teams have been working closely for years under a technology alliance agreement to help their clients get the most out of the union of their technologies. In fact, previous versions of UDS Enterprise already attained the Nutanix Ready distinction.

UDS Enterprise brings a high level of automation and unprecedented simplicity to VDI platforms with Nutanix. Its great flexibility and open nature give IT administrators complete freedom in choosing the other components for their desktop virtualization infrastructure. UDS Enterprise is compatible with practically any virtualization platform, authentication system and connection protocol and allows enabling all needed simultaneously.

Customers who already enjoy the advantages of this joint solution also highlight the agility in the deployment of virtual desktops, the good user experience and its high scalability in order to grow and decrease the platform according to the needs of each moment.

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