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New Xen Orchestra 5.51 version is out

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team  New Xen Orchestra 5.51 version is out 2020-10-02 UDS Enterprise Team  New Xen Orchestra 5.51 version is out

Vates, the Company behind Xen Orchestra, announced the availability of a new version of the management web interface for Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer) and XCP-ng. The release 5.51 comes with important improvements to manage groups, especially in LDAP, adding the option to synchronize them in Xen Orchestra. There is no longer the need to create them manually and every time a new user or group is added, the information is updated.

Xen Orchestra 5.51

The updates on backups, mainly in Amazon S3, is another of the new functionalities incorporated to Xen Orchestra 5.51. The backup log has been enhanced with a filtering and pagination system for better visibility.

Among other improvements, a new option in the tasks panel stands out, where now each object appears with a link to simplify the search for the page that the administrator wants to find.

A few days ago, Vates also announced the beta release of the next version of his Xen Server-based Open Source hypervisor. XCP-ng 8.2 Beta, which for the first time is an LTS (Long Term Support) version, is now available for the user community to test it and report their feedback to developers, who can thus finish outlining the new stable version of XCP-ng.

We’d like to recall that UDS Enterprise, our connection broker for desktop and application virtualization and remote connection to physical devices, is fully compatible with the two products developed by Vates. Together, UDS Enterprise, XCP-ng and Xen Orchestra, make an Open Source VDI turnkey solution that dramatically simplifies IT management. It has already established itself as a truly cost-effective alternative to traditional licensed solutions in the market today.

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