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Centralized IT, remote access and UDS Enterprise 3.0 RC

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamCentralized IT, remote access and UDS Enterprise 3.0 RC 2020-10-01 UDS Enterprise TeamCentralized IT, remote access and UDS Enterprise 3.0 RC

We start the month of October preparing the ranking of the most read articles on our blog during September. Amavir Case Study is the publication that has registered the greater amount of visits. There, it is explained how desktop virtualization has helped them to simplify the IT management of 41 nursing homes for the elderly spread over 7 autonomous regions. This organization has opted for a VDI cloud solution with UDS Enterprise.


In second place is another Case Study, in this case of an organization belonging to the Education sector. The University of Almería relates in this post how UDS Enterprise has allowed them to start this new academic year by offering a new service, essential to meet the demands of the new normal. This is the ARAI Service (Remote Access to Computer Rooms), used by students to remotely access the 100 computers in an IT classroom at the University and another 400 computers during non-school hours.

Finally, the third position is for the post that relates the availability of the Release Candidate of UDS Enterprise 3.0. The announcement summarizes some of the most outstanding features of the new version of the software for desktop and application virtualization and remote access to physical devices. Here are the links to these three articles, in case you didn’t have the chance to read them yet or to consult them again:

Centralized IT management of 41 nursing homes with UDS Enterprise cloud VDI

Remote access to IT classrooms during non-school hours with UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise 3.0 Release Candidate available



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