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The Linux Foundation launches a new IT certification

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamThe Linux Foundation launches a new IT certification 2020-09-25 UDS Enterprise TeamThe Linux Foundation launches a new IT certification

Next November a new certification for IT professionals will be available endorsed by The Linux Foundation and the startup Certiverse. Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate (LFCA) demonstrates experience and basic skills in information technology functions, especially in cloud computing.

IT student

LFCA will evaluate knowledge of essential IT concepts such as operating systems, software application installation and administration, hardware installation, command and programming use, basic network functions, security best practices... It is recommended to take it as a complement to the Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin (LFCS) and Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) exams.

The test will be carried out through the Certiverse online platform under supervision via webcam. Those who pass the exam will receive a badge that will be valid for three years and will prove their knowledge. The following competencies will be evaluated:

  • Linux Fundamentals (20%)

  • Fundamentals of systems administration (20%)

  • Fundamentals of cloud computing (20%)

  • Basics of security (16%)

  • Basics of DevOps (16%)

  • Support and development applications (8%)

Clyde Seepersad, senior vice president and general manager of training and certification for The Linux Foundation, explained in an official statement that the objective of the LFCA is to “help aspiring professionals gain confidence in their choice to pursue an IT career, and enable hiring managers to identify promising entry-level talent”.

For more information consult the The Linux Foundation website.



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