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Nearly 9 million cyber threats related to Covid-19 in 6 months

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamNearly 9 million cyber threats related to Covid-19 in 6 months 2020-09-04 UDS Enterprise TeamNearly 9 million cyber threats related to Covid-19 in 6 months

During the first half of this year 2020, the security firm Trend Micro blocked 8.8 million cyber threats that took advantage of Covid-19 to infect computers. Spam through email was the main way used to carry out different types of fraud, accounting for almost 92% of the total.

This data comes from the report for the first six months of the year published by Trend Micro, which shows how cybercriminals changed their strategies since the beginning of the year to take advantage of the interest aroused by the pandemic around the world.

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The situation was aggravated by remote working, since in many cases adequate security measures weren't taken to avoid putting corporate information at risk due to the urgency to implement a work from home system. "IT managers must continue to adapt their cybersecurity strategies to accommodate increased threats to their new normal. That means protecting remote endpoints, cloud systems, user credentials and VPN systems, as well as running training courses to make that newly dispersed workforce a more effective first line of defense," says Myla Pilao, Trend Micro Technical Marketing Manager.

This information highlights the importance of choosing a remote working solution that guarantees the security of IT systems and business data. UDS Enterprise has emerged as the perfect tool to implement remote working efficiently, quickly and safely. This software enables access to Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications, as well as the remote use of physical computers located in offices. All this at any time, from any place and device.

Many organizations around the world have been trusting UDS Enterprise for years to allow their employees to work remotely and to benefit from the many advantages of desktop and application virtualization. Some interesting testimonials are available in the Case Studies section of our website.

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