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What's new in UDS Enterprise 3.0 components

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamWhat's new in UDS Enterprise 3.0 components 2020-06-08 UDS Enterprise TeamWhat's new in UDS Enterprise 3.0 components

We continue to reveal some innovations that the new version of UDS Enterprise incorporates, which, we remember, is currently in the beta phase. As usual, every time a new version of this broker for virtualization of desktops and applications is launched, improvements have been added to its components.

UDS Enterprise Server

The version of the operating system for UDS Server and UDS Tunnel, which are based on Debian, has been updated. In addition, the latest available security patches have been applied to ensure protection against the newest reported vulnerabilities and threats.

UDS servers are now managed much easier thanks to a command developed by the VDI broker team. This command is called UDS and greatly simplifies several important tasks. Among them, the following actions stand out:

  • UDS SETUP: Allows to enable the server setup wizard.

  • UDS CERT: Used to install certificates.

  • UDS IP: It is executed to assign and modify network parameters. Thanks to this new option, these tasks are now performed automatically, without the need to edit configuration files.

  • UDS SUBSCRIPTION: Facilitates the consultation and updating of the status of an active subscription. The subscription data (number of users, expiration date...) can now be modified from the central servers, so that users only have to run a refresh to perform the update.

This command also interacts with the UDS Tunnel component. It simplifies the execution of all the actions mentioned above, except for those related to subscriptions, which do not apply in this case.

UDS Enterprise 3.0 has an extensive list of improvements, which we will be publishing on our blog and social networks. Below are the ones that have been recently announced:

UDS Enterprise 3.0: new Look & Feel

UDS Enterprise 3.0 supports Proxmox for Windows and Linux VDI

The VDI broker UDS Enterprise will support Hyper-V clusters

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