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Useful tools and resources for Remote Working

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUseful tools and resources for Remote Working 2020-06-03 UDS Enterprise TeamUseful tools and resources for Remote Working

The new way of working that came with the Coronavirus is still a current issue. The articles related to remote working in our blog have been the ones that have aroused the most interest among our followers during this last month.


The post that has received the highest number of visits relates the joining of Virtual Cable to OVHcloud's #OpenSolidarity campaign. All organizations that need to implement an efficient and secure remote working solution will be able to request access to cloud virtual desktops for free while the health crisis lasts.

Second is the publication that tells how UDS Enterprise and Wacom make available to customers the best tools for working remotely, either by accessing virtual desktops and applications or physical devices located in the offices. For those workers that require graphics-intensive programs and applications, Teradici's PCoIP protocol complements the offer to provide the best user experience.

Closing the ranking of the Top 3 articles in May we find the one that describes the new section of the UDS Enterprise website, which is precisely about Remote working. It offers the keys to adopt the solution that best suits each scenario. It also shows interesting news and use cases related to the topic.

For more information, see these three posts:

Virtual Cable and Lobo Brothers facilitate remote working for free

UDS Enterprise & Wacom for eLearning and remote working

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If you are interested in implementing a remote working solution, request more information about our UDS Enterprise VDI broker sending an email at



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