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All UIB staff is working from home with UDS Enterprise VDI

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamAll UIB staff is working from home with UDS Enterprise VDI 2020-05-22 UDS Enterprise TeamAll UIB staff is working from home with UDS Enterprise VDI

The Administration and Services staff of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) are using virtual desktops managed and deployed by UDS Enterprise to work from home during the health crisis due to Covid-19. “From the first day that the university closed its facilities, this solution has allowed all the staff to work remotely, accessing their work tools with a simple web browser. Thanks to UDS Enterprise, they have been able to keep on working in a very similar way as they had done at the university,” explains Xavier Pons, Head of the infrastructure area at the UIB Information Technology Center.

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This university has had a VDI infrastructure with UDS Enterprise for years and, taking advantage of the possibilities of this technology, they were able to implement with great agility a remote working system for all employees. About half of the staff was already using virtual desktops to get access to all the software they need to do their daily work before the pandemic. So all they had to do is adapt the infrastructure so that it supports with guarantees and stability the higher demand generated by remote work.

“During the first days of the state of alarm, we increased the hardware resources assigned to deploy virtual desktops, as well as the equipment dedicated to tunneling and delivering all desktops via HTML5 to make sure that the all personnel could work from their homes with complete normality," says Pons.

Students and teachers are also using virtual desktops with UDS Enterprise to continue their education during the lockdown period. In this case, it is not something new for any of them, since they had enjoyed the advantages of this technology for years. "We have only had to carry out a series of minor adjustments and adaptations of our existing infrastructure to continue offering them access from home to the different virtual desktops that we have for each faculty," says the IT Manager.

Each school or faculty has its virtual desktop configured with the specific software that students need for their lessons. Teachers use them to make the different practices available to students.

Students, teachers, and other staff can work and study from any place, at any time, and using any device to connect to their virtual desktops through the internet. More than 15,000 users are making use of the UIB VDI platform, which is running at peak performance without issues.

UDS Enterprise has allowed us to very satisfactorily resolve the problems that arose as a result of the pandemic. We have been able to guarantee the service efficiently and safely to all the university groups with virtual desktops,” concludes Xavier Pons.

The commitment to this solution has favored that this university was able to transfer all face-to-face activity to online practically from one day to the next and without any kind of difficulty.

For more information about the UIB's experience with UDS Enterprise, see our Case Study.

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