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Hispanagua expands remote working to all staff with UDS

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamHispanagua expands remote working to all staff with UDS 2020-04-28 UDS Enterprise TeamHispanagua expands remote working to all staff with UDS

All the Hispanagua departments that can keep on operating from their homes are using UDS Enterprise for remote working during the alarm state declared by Covid-19.

This company, which provides services related to water supply and sanitation networks in the Community of Madrid, had been using this connection broker for years to facilitate remote working to the Exploitation department on a daily basis, as well as to Human Resources and Financial departments exceptionally. Expanding this service to all users who need it “has been really easy. Once all the employees have had a laptop to work with, we have put the system into operation quickly without any kind of difficulty,” says Javier Suela, Head of the Systems Department of Hispanagua.

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Until now, employees who worked from any location with UDS Enterprise accessed their tools through virtual desktops managed and deployed by this VDI broker. During the lockdown period, they are leveraging another possibility offered by this software: they are also using it as a gateway to connect to the office computers. In both cases, they only have to enter a URL in a web browser to identify themselves and the system automatically displays their virtual desktop or connects them to their own computer located in the workplace. “The versatility of UDS Enterprise has allowed us to provide the solution that best suits each of the six company offices. Without this software we would not have been able to offer the remote connection to the physical computers in some of the agencies that share IP range with the VPN,” indicates Suela.

In addition to solving this problem, this VDI broker has greatly facilitated the configuration and management of their remote working infrastructure. “We only had to set up the connection to the physical machine or the virtual desktop in the UDS Enterprise administration dashboard, otherwise we would have had to perform much more complex administrative tasks. In addition, with this software we have a better control of our environment,” explains the Head of Systems.

Most employees connect via UDS Enterprise to their own computers, so for them working from home does not mean a change compared to doing it in the office. For its part, the company takes advantage of its computer resources, which are technically prepared for each job and have the specific software that each group of professionals needs. IT department, among other things, avoids connectivity problems. "By using UDS Enterprise as a gateway to physical devices, we make the connection lighter, we only have to refresh the desktop, we do not need to introduce more traffic on the network," says Suela.

For users who use virtual desktops they have three types of templates totally adapted to their needs: one for office users, another for exploitation users who require specific corporate applications and, finally, a machine especially designed for draftsmen, who need more resources and other types of software.

“The template-based desktop configuration offered by UDS Enterprise provides us with many facilities. It greatly simplifies administration, deployment and, if a user changes jobs, it allows us to perform profile changes quickly and easily. In terms of security, it gives us peace of mind, since if a desktop gets infected, we remove it, we deploy a new one and we have the entire system clean again. This is very important in the current circumstances, since many users are connecting from particular machines over which we have no control and malware can easily travel from their device to the virtual machine," says the Systems Manager.

After more than a month working remotely, the feedback they are receiving from all the departments is very positive. "For an organization that was not used to telecommuting the opinions that are coming to us from all employees are really good", says Suela.

When the health crisis ends, Hispanagua will probably establish remote working in a regulated way in the company. "We are verifying that it is totally viable and provides a series of important advantages to organizations: cost savings, space reduction, work-life balance...," indicates Suela.

At that time, they will rethink how to orchestrate their remote working system. According to the Head of Systems they have “a lot of room for improvement, we will value migrating the servers, virtualizing all the machines and replacing the desktop computers with laptops and thin clients, which in addition to being prepared so that the entire staff can work from home when the situation requires it, will allow us to save costs when investing in new devices and also in electricity.”

Their commitment to UDS Enterprise, whose implementation was recommended and carried out by TodoIT, a trusted partner of VirtualCable, has enabled them ensure business continuity and keep on providing their services with no downtime during the difficult situation caused by the expansion of the Coronavirus.

The launching of remote working for all the departments of Hispanagua that can perform it is framed within the measures taken by Canal de Isabel II group in the framework of the health alert by Covid-19 to prevent the spread of the virus both in its workforce and in society in general.

For more information about Hispanagua's experience with the UDS Enterprise VDI broker, see our Case Study



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