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Promo extended: Remote working for free with UDS VDI

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamPromo extended: Remote working for free with UDS VDI 2020-04-15 UDS Enterprise TeamPromo extended: Remote working for free with UDS VDI

Given the extension of the state of alarm and the general recommendation worldwide of the health authorities to continue working from home in all cases where possible, from Virtual Cable we have decided to keep on providing our support to all companies and organizations that need to enable a remote working system for their employees.

Woman working from home with children

We extend our special promotion until the lockdown period ends. We'd like to remember the different options available to obtain our VDI and vApp broker at no cost:

  • We provide a UDS Enterprise compact version free for life for up to 10 users to all SMEs that need it.

  • We provide a compact version of UDS Enterprise completely free of charge for the next 6 months for those organizations that are required to carry out administrative procedures that could delay their adoption of remote working.

  • The rest of companies will be able to take advantage of one of these options:

    o A UDS Enterprise compact version completely free of charge for the next 3 months.

    o A UDS Enterprise renewable version completely free for the next 3 months when purchasing a subscription.

To enjoy this promotion, you just have to contact us at

With UDS Enterprise you can choose the way to enable telecommuting that best suits your needs: through Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications or by providing access to the computers located in the offices. Workers can use any device to connect.

In our blog you will find more information about the advantages that UDS Enterprise brings to a remote working environment and how other organizations have enabled a work-from-home system with our VDI broker.

Check the testimonials of some of our clients in the Case Studies section of our website.



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