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Secure e-Learning and telecommuting for Education with VDI

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamSecure e-Learning and telecommuting for Education with VDI 2020-03-24 UDS Enterprise TeamSecure e-Learning and telecommuting for Education with VDI

Since the very beginning of its professional activity, VirtualCable has had a close relationship with the educational sector in general and with the Spanish universities in particular. We have worked closely with many of them making custom developments to facilitate the adoption of desktop and application virtualization technology.

We have also collaborated on joint projects to make available to the entire educational community functionalities that did not exist to date (such as the access to VDI and vApp through Moodle), which simplify IT work and help teachers and students improve their academic experience.


In the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves due to Coronavirus, we reaffirm our support for this sector. We make it easy for all educational organizations to quickly adopt a secure and efficient telecommuting and remote learning solution with our UDS Enterprise VDI and vApp broker. Until April 15, they can take advantage of any of the following promotions:

  • So that the administrative procedures do not delay the implementation, we will provide a compact version of UDS completely free of charge for the next six months.

  • Those universities and educational centers that purchase now a UDS Enterprise subscription will be able to benefit from three months for free.

We remind you that we have prices specially designed for the Education Sector.

As you can see in the Case Studies section of our website , Many educational centers have trusted UDS Enterprise for years to tackle the complexity of their IT infrastructure. Many of them, such as the University of the Balearic Islands, the Université Catholique de Louvain,the University of Sevilla or the University of Murcia, already used our VDI broker and vApp to enable remote working and online teaching. Others, such as the Public University of Navarra or the University of Cádiz have been able to put a teleworking and e-Leaning system in place in record time thanks to the fact that they were already using our VDI and vApp broker to fix other IT issues.

For more information about the terms and conditions of the special promotion for the Education Sector, contact our Commercial Department at



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