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Estonia open sources an AI-based app used by its administration

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

Estonia created a repository last spring in which all Open Source software solutions developed for the government of this country are published. Of course, all these projects are totally public and freely accessible to anyone. Their commitment to Open Source is becoming stronger. Proof of this is that they recently just published for the first time the source code of one of their applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) in GitHub.


This is TEXTA Toolkit, a set of tools to analyze data in complex databases. It has a search application, a classification application, a data extractor and a terminology analysis tool.

This software has been used by several public agencies in Estonia in recent years. The Ministry of Education and Research used it to carry out an audit of more than 800,000 documents. Thus, they were able to determine which should not be made available to the public. It has also served for the Estonian judicial system to analyze and process the numerous documents of the judicial decision registry and to be able to identify the results of the lawsuits.

The Estonian Government relies on Open Source software to improve e-government. All such solutions are available on the platform, which was built with the objective of creating solutions for e-government based on developments made by the community. Once published, they can be used by similar organizations in other countries.

Source: OSOR.



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